12 block notion dashboard

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a super simple to-do list in grid format

prioritize your to-do's so that they are manageable, even when things are overwhelming. the link includes the template & how to use it. πŸ’– happy notioning!

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what you'll get:

  • 🌱 a link to the template, and how it works

what's included and how does it work?

like it says on the tin, the grid is divided into a 12 block matrix where one side is time it takes to do a task, and the other side is when they are due.

based on these, you can fill in your tasks. the numbers on each block correspond to what order you do these tasks in. this way, you can write everything you have to do and know what order to do them in.

you don't have to use this as your only task tracker - sometimes it helps to just write stuff out.

adapted from howtomusicmajor's genius post on tumblr.


  1. what's notion?
    it's basically a free software / program where you can build anything you want. you can do anything you imagine - write, connect ideas, plan literally anything. check out notion's official website for more info!
  2. can i share this template with other people?
    i'd appreciate if you didn't directly send them the link - it's free, so if you can send them the link to this or my ko-fi, that would be wonderful!
  3. i have a question / i can't get it to work...
    you can direct any questions to my ask box on tumblr - this way, if anyone else has a similar question to you they can see your question and my response. πŸ’–
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this template includes:

included :)

12 block notion dashboard

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I want this!