all-in-one simple dashboard

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everything on one page.

everything updates automatically. manage your events, to-do list, rainy day tasks, and habits all in one joyful place. 💖 happy notioning!

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what do i get?

  • 🌱 a link to the template (1 dash, 2 databases, journalling page), and how it works
  • 💾 a dashboard: see your habits on each current day in a beautiful dashboard view that you can customize + add other sections to
  • habit tracker database: this is where you track your daily habits and can view statistics on them
  • 📝 events database: see your upcoming events and what you have planned for the day
  • ✅ to-do list database: keep track of your to-do list, and sort tasks by your own values so everything you’re doing is in line with your values
  • 📈 progress bar formulas: see an instant total of your habits checked off each day, if you want a little extra motivation
  • 📊 statistics: see how consistent you are with your habits and which ones aren’t working out for you, if you’re into that

how does it work?

every database is linked to your dashboard - whatever you edit will edit in those dashboards

you can view each dashboard on its own for planning ahead and looking at your statistics, as well as the big picture

focus on the present — the dashboard has all databases filtered to the current day, so you don’t have to worry about everything else. it’s automatic!

how it works in detail: you can check out my tumblr tutorial post on it, but here are some explainers:


  1. what's notion? it's basically a free software / program where you can build anything you want. you can do anything you imagine - write, connect ideas, plan literally anything. check out notion's official website for more info!
  2. can i share this template with other people?i'd appreciate if you didn't directly send them the link - it's free, so if you can send them the link to this or my ko-fi, that would be wonderful!
  3. i have a question / i can't get it to can direct any questions to my ask box on tumblr - this way, if anyone else has a similar question to you they can see your question and my response. 💖
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this template includes:

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all-in-one simple dashboard

3 ratings
I want this!